Graduate Student Development

Came across this post on Twitter. Like other PhD graduates described in this article, I, too, am trying to publish my thesis work. Trying to compress and reduce the complexity of an entire thesis and repackage it into a sufficiently rich stand-alone article is challenging. Pat’s solution is to let go of the thesis, and start fresh in search of “simplexity”. Definitely worth a read.


I often meet post PhD people who are stuck. Even though they are now doctored, they are not over the Big Book.

Some of them are stuck in thinking how they might get something, anything, out of the thesis. A few of these people have just finished and are not sure where and how to start. Others are a way away from the post-viva celebration. They might have already had one or two shots at writing an article. Maybe they’ve even sent something to a journal and it’s come back with a lot of comments and exhortations to rewrite. And the requirements seem like such a lot, and so they put the paper away hoping that at some time in the future they’ll have the energy to revisit it.

Now one big reason for feeling stuck on getting articles out of the thesis is because people are still actually stuck

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